AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 Test Strips


AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 Test Strips

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The AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 test strips are designed for use with copper pool Ionizers like the Main Access Power Ionizer. Dip the test strip into the pool or spa and compare the strip to the color chart to verify if the levels are within the appropriate range. Get 3 important test results in just one dip!

AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 Copper, pH, and Total Alkalinity levels which helps guard against troublesome scale formation and/or corrosion that can occur with sudden changes in your water’s pH.

Maintaining proper levels will help ensure that bacteria and other contaminants are being properly eliminated. It is recommended that the water be tested before and after each use. If used in a pool we recommend testing at two ends or sides of the pool a minimum of twice a week. It’s also a good idea to keep a log and track all test results. Includes water chemistry insert and directions.

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How to Use the Aquachek Copper 3-in-1 Test Strips

Step 1: Dip entire strip (all three pads) into water and remove immediately. Step 2: Carefully re-dip just the copper ion pad (end pad) and swish the strip back and forth for 5-seconds. Step 3: Hold strip level. Compare pH and total alkalinity at 20-seconds, and copper at 60-seconds.
  • Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Copper
  • Just Swirl and Read

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2 reviews for AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 Test Strips

  1. Stephanie Harris

    A very simple strip and very accurate! It allows me to monitor and control the level of copper in my pool without worry. I had a professional test done after using these strips and they are dead on! Very happy with this product.

  2. Elizabeth James

    We have an ionizer and only use these test strips. They help us keep our pool in check.

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